Air Sanitizing Home Treatment

Nothing is more important to us than our family friends and loved ones. Our home is our sanctuary where we spend time and we want it to be clean and free from allergens.

T & S Air are the experts for Home Sanitizing Treatments. We have a variety of treatments that can remove viruses, bacteria, mold, pet odors and keep your air and surfaces clean.


Central Air Purifier Treatment

Our Central Air Purifier Treatment sanitizes the air! It is lab tested to reduce MERS-COV and H1N1 Flu viruses! It reduces viruses, mold, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces by 99%! It's filterless, low maintenance and energy efficient!

This technology has undergone over a decade of rigorous university and certified laboratory testing around the world. This technology has been proven effective against multiple contaminants. The UVC lamp destroys germs that pass by. Air cleansing ions are then formed from water vapor. They actively seek out pollutants and breaks them down. The ions revert back to harmless water vapor and the cycle repeats. This is replicating nature and the sun!

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Sani-Clean Treatment

We also offer our Sani-Clean treatment that will disinfect and help with pet odors and other household smells. It refreshes the air and removes indoor odors, bacteria, mold, mildew, spores and allergens. Fresh Clean Air for your loved ones! Contact us today or Call and find out which of our Air Conditioning Sanitizing treatments is best for you!

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AC Tip! Change your filter!

The simpliest and easiest thing we can do to protect our homes and to SAVE money on our air conditioning system is wash or change our filter at least once a month. Make sure you change your filter and change it often. A dirty air filter can reduce the cooling capacity of the air conditioner and cause additional problems. A good reminder is to change your filter when you pay your electric bill. Changing filters saves you money and helps your house stay clean!!

Service Your Air Conditioner

The best time to have your air conditioner serviced is in the early spring, fall or winter. This is a great time to REFRESH our homes and get an Air Conditioning Sanitizing Treatment. Having our annual Air conditioning Tune-Upwhen its the off season is wise and proactive. This decreases our chances of being without our Air Conditioning system running when we need it most!

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